Connect with other makers in the creative and cultural sector to ask questions, interact, teach, learn and grow.


Gain access to legal, financial management, marketing and business management resources to help you make the most out of your creative enterprise.


Liaise with policy-makers such as civil society, development partners and government agencies to contribute towards policy formulation for the creative sector.

Connect with makers in the creative and cultural sector to facilitate interaction and growth.

Wabunifu connects you with government agencies to help you access more information on your rights and engage with policy-makers.

Wabunifu provides access to legal, financial and business information to help makers grow.


Wabunifu connects creatives, public institutions, private sector, development partners & industry for a vibrant creative industry. Makers can connect through industry events such as training workshops and skill enhancement seminars to grow their networks and be part of the creative community.


Wabunifu helps stakeholders in the creative and cultural sector to discuss emerging issues through a forum. Through dialogue, makers can contribute towards policy development and amplify their queries. Creatives can ask questions of public institutions and track time and quality of response.


Wabunifu provides access to information on intellectual property management, financial management, marketing and branding. By providing this information simply and clearly, makers can enhance their skills.

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We work with partners in the creative sector to provide a number of useful resources for free. These resources range from audio-visual materials, publications and more and are realeased under Creative Commons NC BY SA. Enjoy.

Reflections On The Creative Economy In Kenya

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Reflections On Culture Arts and the Constitution of Kenya

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