Sound Quality and The Future Of Music Consumption


Dec. 15, 2016, 4:08 p.m.

By. Phillip Nyalenda

this is sample content.Music forms part of our lives in such a way that it is not only etched into our subconscious but is also rooted deep into the fabrics of human existence.It has been expressed and packaged in varying forms over time but two things remain:its intrinsic value and overall influence on culture.

  • Kenyans have been
  • termed as a media-consumption 

 nation and music is one that has kept us entertained.From moonlight dance festivals in the traditional setting, to revelers partying in night clubs or the influence on our 'matatu' industry,music forms part of our nation's DNA.The formats through which we consume music will continue to change-only a small number currently use cassette tapes- and so it is quite important to try and visualize trends that will shape how people listen to music in the future.

The level of Smartphone adoption in Kenya in the past half-decade, coupled with the lowering of data bundle rates by the competing internet service providers, has enabled many people, young and old alike, to easily access music in digital format and a number can now stream audio and video files online or create different playlists of the already downloaded content.

Ten years ago, the transistor radio was the chief way of music entertainment.Now, with under Ksh. 2000 of investment in a mobile phone, one can herd cows, for example, listening to music of their choice.Technology has ensured that the prices of mobile devices have reduced and China-made products are significantly cheaper.Access to music has now become democratised!

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