Who we are?


Dec. 14, 2016, 4:20 p.m.

This portal has been developed to support the activities of The Creative Economy Working Group (CEWG) and the cultural and creative industries in Kenya with particular focus on policy and legislative environment. The Working Group believes that the creative sector is contributing to economic and social value but this can be enhanced through investment in infrastructure, education and skills, intellectual property protection and facilitative policy framework.

CEWG was founded by thirteen institutions working in the culture and creativity sector in 2012 in order to explore how a conducive policy and legislative framework could be developed for the advancement of arts , media and culture in Kenya. Most of the institutions were then grantees of the Ford Foundation and met within its auspices. Previously, members of the Working Group had been actively involved in entrenching artistic and cultural expressions rights in the Constitution of Kenya. During the Constitution making process, the group met as the Consultative Committee on Culture and the Constitution and worked closely with the Ministry of Culture. With the promulgation of the Constitution in 2010, the Committee was disbanded and some members reconvened to form the Creative Economy Working Group. They have tended to focus on policy and legislative issues related to the creative sector in Kenya and within the East African Community through advocacy, knowledge sharing forums, publications and partnership building.

The efforts by CEWG are paying dividends and there is more recognition of the creative sector is a driver and enabler of development. Furthermore, more practitioners are participating in in government and policy decisions.  

 1¬†year, 2¬†months ago