Bringing Creatives Together

Unite. Learn. Grow.

The Forum

Connect with other makers in the creative and cultural sector to ask questions, interact, teach, learn and grow.

The Forum is a space for creatives to discuss current events in the creative sector, exchange ideas and share experiences.

Find Events

Meet creative entrepreneurs, development partners and other stakeholders in the sector and grow your netwrok.

Find events of various types, from conferences and workshops to calls for proposals and other opportunities.

Discuss Policy

It's up to all of us to determine the future of the Kenyan creative industry.

Liaise with policy-makers, civil society, development partners and government agencies to contribute towards policy formulation for the creative sector.

Join the discussion as we draft policies, lobby county and national governments and work towards legislative and infrastructural frameworks that facilitate the growth of the industry.

The Library

Gain access to legal, financial management, marketing and business management resources to help you make the most out of your creative enterprise.

The Library is filled with articles, videos, tutorials and publications that you can use to grow your business. And, its all free!