7 Day Film Festival is a Kenyan timed Film competition sponsored by Seventy Two Media with a broad vision of unveiling unique entertaining Kenyan films made in Kenya. It gives Kenya filmmakers a platform to unlock their potential by pushing their limits to create a story within a timed duration of 7 Days given a surprise brief and waived filming locations within Nakuru County. The festival aims to develop the production of creative quality Kenyan local content in Short film, Music video and Documentary.​

So here is a chance to make movies in beautiful locations for free and compete for a chance to win some cash. It’s a win-win situation. To register visit https://www.seventytwo.media/events/7-day-film-festival-kenya-2

How It Works:

30th May 2019

Registration Deadline of Participants.

​10:00 AM – 12:-00 PM 1st June 2019

Participants attend a script writing and production workshop to guide them on how to produce quality content within a short period of time.

​4:00 AM 5th June 2019

Participants receive surprise line phrase to include in their script via email and contacts.

​6:00 AM 5th June – 6:00 AM 12th June

7 Day Film Festival challenge. The participants script, shoot, edit and submit their films during this 7 days period.The films are uploaded via SeventyTwo Media portal.

17th – 27th June

Wild Cats Jury judging of films. Our renown professional filmmakers take time to judge the films so as to get overall winners.

​28th June

Announcements of shortlisted winners and all films made available for public voting.

​28th June – 10th July

Public Voting and Screening. The public get a chance to watch all submitted films and vote for the best film that will receive the audience category award based on the highest votes.

​12th July

Awards ceremony and announcement of winners

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