Libraries as cultural spaces

Book Bunk imagines that public libraries can be steered to become more than just repositories, acting as sites of knowledge production, shared experiences, cultural leadership and information exchange. We see them as sites of heritage, public art and memory. Our formation as an entity is inspired by this core belief – that our shared public spaces are more essential than ever to our collective Kenyan imagination.

Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth

April 2018, following the signing of a milestone partnership agreement with the Nairobi City County government, Book Bunk began a research season supported by the British Council to explore how Nairobi’s citizens and arts fraternity perceive and engage in activities geared towards Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth. These explorations utilised the three library spaces under the remit of our agreement with the county government as well as Book Bunk’s newly-established digital and other audiences.

The events and activities that took place over the course of this partnership enabled Book Bunk to have a series of interactions with various groups of people including current users. Our potential future programming is now informed by this research, with an aim of turning these spaces into inclusive and usable, contemporary public spaces for the social and economic benefit of the general public.

This report provides a summary of our activities, outcomes and lessons. We are especially grateful for the trust, support and guidance offered by British Council as we formulate directions for this exciting venture!

A copy of the report is available here

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