This is a practical resource to help you plan, build, test communicate and launch your new creative business. The creative enterprise toolkit was designed by The Nesta for creatives and their activities since it focuses on developing you and your business ideas.

Significance of this toolkit are:

It explores one’s abilities and how they match with one’s ideas.

Enables one to identify the target audience or market and build a good relationship with them.

Help develop one communications skill with their customers

It motivates one on planning their businesses.

Helps one get the right modeling e.g. blueprint model to map how their business functions.

Also enables one to learn financial tools and control their business finances.

The Creative Enterprise Toolkit contains the following:

Four handbooks to shape your creative ideas into a business

Activity worksheets to help you visualize key issues of the business

Case studies of successful creative entrepreneurs worldwide who have used Creative Enterprise Tool

Tutors notes for creative entrepreneurs supporters with information on how to build a program of activities

Many creatives have used the Creative Enterprise Toolkit from fashion designers, freelance artists and software developers and their feedback has been positive. The toolkit has had a great impacts in their businesses.

The toolkit had been translated into several languages e.g English, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic and can be purchased through Nesta’s Shopify Store


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