Coronavirus isn’t just a public health crisis, it’s an economic one, the financial impact of the pandemic hasn’t been evenly distributed.

 As quarantine life in many countries around the world takes full effect, a lot is happening in the creative ecosystem, which is forcing creatives to change the way they work.

With everything on a standstill, Internet Culture is On the Move and seems to be growing at a very high rate. This has led to a new breed of creative influencers to emerge online. 

The explosive growth of content on social media both from new creators and from established makers demonstrates the power of the arts as a tool for expression. 

Social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are reaching out to their creators all over the world to continue to make engaging videos during the lockdown as users turn to social media for entertainment.

On the other side, the Google-owned platform has kicked off a live series to enable creators to engage with their audience and has curated multiple playlists around popular themes like music, acting, cooking, workout, and dancing. It is conducting webinars to handhold creators with ideas around content creation during the lockdown and sharing tips on how to shoot indoors with minimum equipment and indoor lighting.

YouTube said average global daily uploads of videos with “at home” in the title increased over 590% since March 15th compared to their average uploads for the rest of the year.

 Creatives are working hard to make sure they are maintaining their creativity by constantly sharing their work, grow their audience, and most importantly earn from it.

The following are some ways creatives are following to maintain their audience and grow their brand during the Lockdown.

 Online event

Very popular in Kenya.

The audience is craving entertainment while being quarantined at home. This is where Facebook Live or Instagram Live comes in handy. It’s a great way to keep the audience engaged and build goodwill, as well as to sell your products. 

Some creatives Offer a special discount code to the first 100 people who stream your live event or create an “exclusive” behind the scenes look at a new product to customers on your email list.


During the lockdown, creatives have no other way to get income apart from going live and sharing their work., Creative entrepreneurs are seeking innovative ways of generating income during this period. While traditionally they would rely on physical performances, advertisements, and other avenues, these are becoming increasingly difficult to negotiate. Currently, four main streams are being used to create revenue: donations, merchandising, streaming, and endorsements.

Creatives pin their Mpesa, PayPal, or cash app on their live streams this allows them to accept donations. Other creatives are actively Selling Merchandise and products from their online channels.

 Other channels like Vimeo and youtube pay creatives according to the number streams: the more numbers in a stream the more money.

 Some organizations are approaching creatives because of their online numbers for advertising, e.g Dettol soap is actively using creatives in creating awareness on the COVID_19 and sensitizing their audience to use Dettol soap.


Social media allows creatives to communicate proactively with their customers

The situation is evolving rapidly, and no one is quite sure what news each day will bring, social media, however, has played an important role as a communication channel.

This allows one to grow the audience. Getting the attention is helping creativity grow as a brand and following.

 New Content

With people world over having more time at home and a desire to be distracted from the dreary repetition of quarantine, coupled with a need to be entertained and informed, there has been an explosive growth in the quantity of content created and shared. 

There has never been a more perfect nexus of demand for content and, thanks to the internet, a means to distribute that content to such a wide audience.

The flooding of content on the internet during the Lockdown is a motivation to creatives to create fresh content suited to the current situation.

There is a lot of noise and nonsense on the Internet, but there are also some valuable gems too, and when the audience comes across them, it’s like someone lit a fire on a winter night in Iceland. People around the world are looking for great entertainment. Therefore, this poses a great challenge to creatives in Kenya and the rest of the world, who are looking to be that fire.

Creatives around the world have been actively creating content around COVID-19 so as to bring awareness to the pandemic.


Going digital with your services helps to continue to provide access to your audience who are sitting at home, wishing they could support your business.

Creative are Taking Advantage of the Online Courses

Creatives are taking time to learn from other creatives, from the available material on the internet. Classes like Branding, marketing, and how to use social media as an alternative source of income.

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