The world has changed dramatically over the first three months of 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting almost every aspect of our lives. These changes have been clearly evident in the world’s digital behaviors too, especially as billions of people turn to the internet to help them cope with life as they work under lockdown.

Data Reportal analysis indicates that 4.57 billion people now use the internet, an increase of more than 7% since this time last year. Social media users are growing even faster, up by more than 8% since April 2019 to reach 3.81 billion today. 

Global social media use hasn’t quite reached the 50% penetration mark yet, but the latest trends suggest that is should reach the mark by end of 2020.

As people spend more time in their phones there has been a Big jumps in digital activity, we are looking at a generation of Lockdown stars.

Social media organizations have also come up with policies that aim to promote creativity and earn: Facebook recently announced on its Facebook Business page that you can now earn by simply going live on Facebook and YouTube now allows creatives to earn from content they produce around COVID-19.

As the environment is becoming more favorable, the ball technically now lies in the arms of creatives as pressure now arises to create fresh and new content every day.

A lockdown star, Moses Murage aka Zj Avexy raised Sh 430,000 in a live set in the now popular “254 Diaspora Djs Live on the Mix. Viewers were touched with his plight as he was the first deejay in the group to just use a laptop to entertain. The money was to help him buy proper equipment.

It was just a rainy day for Moses, but social media changed it.

With no gigs and bookings, it’s easy to lose hope but, the numbers don’t lie; the internet is flooded, an average person spends 4 hours a day in the internet, great opportunity to be a Star, if you use your social media aggressively.

It might not solve all your problems, but hey!! You will survive corona and you will have a name out there.

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