The Round table brought together stakeholders from the Government and government agencies, civil society organizations, academic institutions among others. The session looked at the opportunities presented by the city or urban spaces for cultural and creative industries and the contribution that the urban space provides for social cohesion and placemaking, image and identity.


Opportunities inthe Urban Space

Theredevelopment of Luthuli link with National Museums of Kenya for exhibitions,link with the University provides opportunities in terms of research and greatstories to be told during the walking tours.

PossibleWalking Tour sites: Sikh Temple on Gaberone Street open for visits.

Howcan we activate the space near Technical University of Kenya and connection tothe railway, before the railway city is developed?

TheNairobi City County has indicated that there are to be no charges for artistsplaying in the street (street busking).

Jeevanjeerevitalization project still ongoing. Artists need to explore how the space canbe used to promote creativity? The County Government is working on Open spacepolicy and legislation for the City, this can be taken up by the creativesector.

Whatculture should Nairobi reflect? Nairobi is diverse and that should becelebrated. We should experience and enjoy the fullness of Nairobi.

Howdo the creative spaces of Kibera bring visitors, create unity and cohesion?Kibera exists as a community and there is strong community bonds that supportscoexistence. Uweza opened up an art space where they provide materials-nowthere is the opportunity to access markets through the gallery. Soccer programhas supported the provision of support for players. The importance

IsNational Museums of Kenya using the internet and social media? How will thepublic space be used effectively to reach all age groups? Training on socialmedia is in progress. Innovation being prioritized to improve services. The urbandigital space is now a force and the vloggers are now the people to watch.

Food,music and fashion is another way that we can reach a wider and sometimesyounger audience. Publicity and Visibility can be grown through the use digitalmedia.

Uwezaby existing is also a destination for people from other neighborhoods. How dothe neighborhoods identify strong destinations that can attract people beyondtheir own areas? Uweza is utilizing the digital space – writing stories aboutartists, building interest on social media, identifying artists, building asafe space for arts.

Galleriesin the communities Slum Sanaa in Mathare, Brush 2 Collective in Buru Buru,Bobea in Tena, Shift Eye –Kilimani, One off in Gigiri, Kyoko in Lavington amongothers.

MusicFestivals – featuring local artists and being clear on the quality of music,like what we see in the Nyege Nyege Festival.

Key Questions forfurther consideration:-

Useof urban spaces: Is it possible that at certain hours selected streets can beused for creative and cultural experiences for the public enjoyment?

Way Forward

Thereis an intersection of creativity and the urban space; and the creative sectorworking with stakeholders needs to influence policy direction towardsleveraging culture to the planning and development of African cities.

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