Kenya Film Commission Press Release

The Kenya Film Commission (KFC) is the State Corporation responsible for developing, promoting and marketing the Kenyan film industry. In light of on-going public discourse regarding licensing and registration of filmmakers and their creative work, we would like to clarify the following.

We recognize that film and the auxiliary industries related to filmmaking have great potential to generate wealth for the nation, uplift society and position Kenya as the preferred filming location in Africa. A healthy and vibrant film industry creates jobs, promotes tourism, contributes to education, civic information and promotes national cohesion. To this end, KFC is committed to developing an enabling environment for filmmakers young and old to flourish in their field. We are committed to promoting content creation, mentorship and industry facilitation in storytelling.

In the last year, KFC has trained over 700 up-coming filmmakers in 13 counties.
The Kalasha International Film& TV festival was held in March. Kalasha is the biggest regional film market in East and Central Africa and brought together a total of 600 film industry players from across the globe. KFC continues to offer a film liaison service and maintain an updated film directory.

We look forward to welcoming you towards the end of year to our prestigious awards
ceremony, Kalasha Film & TV Awards where we honour the people who work hard to keep us entertained and informed. We have just concluded a completion for short Kenyan stories told on film shot exclusively using mobile telephones. This competition garnered interest from a total of 158 submissions received from over 35 countries with over 30 Kenyan stories shortlisted.

We are constantly engaging with policy makers advocating for policies and legislation that is conducive to a developing and vibrant industry. One of these is an on-going discussion for a fiscal incentive package by way of rebates. We are grateful to our parent ministry, of Sports and Heritage, the National Treasury and the Kenya Revenue Authority for their support in this matter.

We would like to clarify that we are not responsible for classification of content. That role rests with our erstwhile colleagues at the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB). We have different mandates. The mandate and role of the KFC is to promote, develop, research, certify and market Kenyan films and locations. KFCB regulates content once it has been created and classifies it according to their published rating system.

We urge aspiring filmmakers and all creatives not to give up. Kenya has a lot to offer and more and more Kenyan content is being exported and recognised at international markets.

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