The Creative Economy Working Group makes reference to the Notice by the Clerk of the National Assembly inviting members of the public to submit representations on the Sports (Amendment) Bill, 2018 in line with Article 118(1)(b) of the Constitution of Kenya which provides that Parliament facilitates public participation and involvement in the legislative and other business of Parliament and its Committees” and Standing Order 127 (3) which provides that Departmental Committees take into account views and recommendations of the public in their reports to the Parliament.

We take note that the Sports (Amendment Bill), 2018 seeks to amend the Sports Act, 2013 in order to “provide for a comprehensive approach”. We also note that Legal Notice No. 174 (Legislative Supplement No. 58) provides the Public Finance Management (Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund) Regulations, 2018. These Regulations result from the Sports (Amendment Bill), 2018.

The Creative Economy Working Group, a network of practitioners in culture and creative industries, hereby submits the annexed Memorandum of Views for your consideration.

Among other views, we propose that the fund to be established by the amendment be the Sports, Arts and Culture Fund because “social development‟ is cross-cutting and is catered for through other funding streams.

The complete document can be accessed here

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