We are working in partnership with Twaweza Communications to convene a symposium at the National Museums of Kenya from 27 – 28 February 2020.

The symposium is part of our Cultural Heritage and Inclusive Growth program, which explores the use of cultural heritage for growth to benefit all levels of society.

The symposium will look at valuing, safeguarding, sharing and learning Kenya’s cultural heritage through a contemporary lens. The aim is to provide inspiration for established actors and key stakeholders, as well as young emerging cultural heritage professionals and practitioners, and to offer an opportunity for networking and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Cultural heritage in this context means many things, from the built environment through to cultural traditions such as music and language. Inclusive growth means working with and for all levels of society in order to reconcile the divide between economic growth, and rising poverty and inequality. 

Who is the symposium for?

We are working to ensure that the symposium is as inclusive and diverse as possible. We wish to facilitate an exchange between grass-root-level and governmental initiatives. Target groups include:

  • cultural heritage and creative technology professionals and practitioners, both organizations and individuals
  • researchers and students of cultural heritage related fields
  • community groups including youth groups and elders groups
  • policymakers and others active in the cultural heritage sector in Kenya and beyond. 

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