The UNESCO Creative Economy 2013 Special Edition: Widening Local Development Pathways underlines the role of culture as a driver and enabler of inclusive development, led by the growth of the creative economy in general and especially the creative and cultural industries. These industries, which are recognized not only for their economic value but also increasingly and importantly for their role in generating new creative ideas or technologies and their non-monetized social benefits are of particular significance in Africa because of the opportunities they open for job creation, individual freedom, and societal confidence.

However, a consistent and sustained approach or coherent framework towards the promotion of creativity in Kenya is lacking. This is partially due to a paucity of data and a weak policy and legislative framework in support of the sector. Creative industries are at play in other sectors of society including agriculture and tourism. However, the information about the sector is scattered. There is no single source which
provides reliable evidence about the sector in Kenya.

Accurate and reliable information is crucial for systematic engagement of the sector, the ability to build a business case, the motivation for additional resources for the sector and monitoring and evaluation purposes. This belies the importance of conducting a baseline study of Kenya’s creative industries.

The baseline study would be key in answering the following questions regarding the creative sector:
(i) How should the sector be defined?
(ii) What is its economic contribution?
(iii) What other societal contributions is it making?
(iv) What is the importance of the various sub-sectors?
(v) Which strategic issues should be addressed by national and county governments?
(vi) How should the sector be promoted and funded?
(vii) Which policies and legislations have a bearing on the sector and how should they be engaged?

The Creative Economy Working Group has put together a framework on the baseline study which is available for public review. Download the Framework

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