As we come towards the end of a challenging year, we are happy to have remained true to our mission “to be at the forefront of helping producers of cultural goods and services to build high-value, profitable businesses where new ideas will come to life, and where the highest potential for great profits, great jobs, and happy people will be found.” We are particularly proud to have been able to:

  1. Increase access to business financing through new investments as well as through repayment holidays and restructuring of active contracts; 
  2. Extending a helping hand through a living stipend to many in our community who are facing distress as a result of diminished incomes;
  3. Developing knowledge products and advisories to support the pandemic response effort by governments and development partners;
  4. Increasing access to technical training, business advisory services, equipment and infrastructure for our beneficiaries to take advantage of new opportunities. 

As is our tradition, we have shared these reflections and more in our Annual Report. This report shares a few thoughts from our partners, the highlights of our investment portfolio over the last year, our collaborations in the East Africa region, and our plans for the future.


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