Kenya Film Classification Board is a state-owned corporation under the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology with information regulatory role. It is mandated by Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 Laws of Kenya to regulate the creation, broadcasting, possession, distribution, and exhibition of films in the country. Section 46. I. (2) of the Kenya Communications (Amendment) Act, 2009 further expands the mandate of the Board to cover the broadcasting sub-sector.

The main functions of the Board are to examine and classify films meant for public exhibition in order to conform to the national aspirations, moral standards and protect the children while allowing more choice for adults. The children are protected in the sense that the content intended for adults is not consumed by them and ideas or thoughts that may comprise public morality and decency are not released to the public through film.

The Board publishes guidelines to regulate the broadcast and film sectors and professions. The most recent guidelines, published in 2012, are available here.

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