Report from 2020 Artists’ Survey

The Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH) has been working with artists to
share beauty and stories and for artists to connect across age sets, practices and
genders to create and learn from one another. When the pandemic arrived in 2020 it
disrupted the practices and economics across the world, including with Kenyan artists.
Through online and social distanced projects, TICAH kept up with many Kenyan artists
and listened to the changes taking place in their lives. The work TICAH built with its
community of artists coalesced into the theme of resilience: resilience of the arts
community, of the individual, of the family, of the mind, of the art itself. Together we
explored resilience in a number of ways: through an installation of work created by 46
artists that toured Nairobi; through public art events and public art creation; through
explorations of mental health; through artistic experimentations between age sets, and
through discussions about the future of the arts sector with this survey and research.
The aim of this research was to better understand how the landscape for artists has
changed during the pandemic and how artists have adapted in order to learn how best
art enthusiasts, arts organizations and government can support the sector to survive
and thrive.

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